With a budget of less than $500, you can buy a bag comparable to the coach? What brand is this god?

For many recent graduates of the workplace white, have fantasized about their own behind a GUCCI in front of colleagues. There are often news reports on the Internet that some recent college graduates have borrowed money to buy brand names and ended up hurting their families.

It’s true that a big bag can make you look great, but the workplace doesn’t measure your professionalism and strength in terms of luxury.

Perhaps, many girls will say that they can’t afford LV, but they can also buy some light luxury brands, such as KateSpade, coach, madwell and so on.

Indeed, many more affluent children, want to start a bag worth about three or four thousand is an easy thing. But for many friends who work in the field, not only do they have to pay rent and water and electricity and coal, a three thousand yuan bag is the equivalent of a luxury item.

So is it really impossible to buy a bag with both quality and design? I can answer you with great certainty: no! Now there are many more independent original brands in China, both from the design of the bag, or from the quality of the very good.

“strong” so, today would like to pick up with you some not expensive, but the quality and design are very good domestic bags. Basically, the price of each bag is around 300-600. Student Party can also easily get started ~

Guliang original bag design is a Hangzhou brand, the name is taken from the word “girl”. I think its bag, really full of romantic feeling!

look! All kinds of macarons, accessories, little fur balls & # 8230. lost, who is a rough man, really can’t resist the temptation of these bags.


Guliangji leather bumping bucket bag woman

Reference price: 540

At first, I was poked into my heart by these two little balls. I really think this Colour bag looks great. retro blue and orange hair ball, once the concave shape of the instant become the corner of the literary film.

The girl who likes the girl department can choose the yellow bucket bag, while the girl who likes the neutral route can choose the lake blue water bucket bag. The “strong” bag is quite large, basically holding like a cell phone or a key. Portable battery, lipstick, sunglasses and other personal items.


Black Horseshoe bag, Summer Women’s bag slanting over a small bag Box

Reference price: 649

Pink and green horseshoe box in summer

Reference price: 669

When I first saw the bag, I thought of the LV family’s cask hat box bag. I wonder if you feel that way?

The semicircular bag looks simple and atmospheric, and the design of the handbag really feels like a socialite. this semicircular bag is well suited for concave styling, retro and exquisite. A friend who likes a packet may wish to consider it.


Purple cigarette package chic Women’s bag

Reference price: 439

It is true that I saw this purple cigarette pack for the first time. Although the bag capacity is very small, but usually put a card bag, small wallet, mosquito repellent and other items, there is extra space.

The skin outside feels smooth and comfortable. Whether it’s dark purple or ginger yellow, it’s easy to match clothes, and it’s not sudden. I think it’s more distinctive and more flavorful with the hand than with the oblique straps.

Beishan bag is my collection of domestic brands for many years. Most of the bags in this store are made of leather, which is guaranteed both in quality and design.

Geometric contour design, coupled with some of the season’s hot fashion elements, is really not to buy it. It is highly recommended that some friends who prefer simplicity or frigidity take a look at the collection.


Handbags, chains, black boxes, bags.

Reference price: 699

The square design of the box, plus the handle of another tree, makes the bag look really good. In addition, the “strong” handbag is quite large capacity, basically can accommodate mobile phones, air mats, portable battery, keys and other personal belongings.

The most chic thing about the whole bag is its acrylic handle. If the handle is a normal leather, or PU leather, I believe this bag will be greatly discolored. You said that, didn’t you?


sea woman series black square bag single shoulder bag

Reference price: 599

So far, I think the Beishan package is the most beautiful, or the most interesting is their series of Hainu.

If you look closely, you will find that this bag contains ocean elements. “strong” a button like a pearl, coupled with a white wave edge, the image of the sea woman is more vivid. Also, the attached wave edges can be changed to other colors, and the design is very human. one sentence: full score for detail, full score for appearance, full score for feel, full score for capacity.


Sea woman series white semicircle bag single shoulder woman bag oblique satchel

Reference price: 689

Emmm… is also one of the bags in the women’s series. To be honest, it gave me a first look that resembled CHOLE’s bag. (does it feel a little like Naile?)

The girls who just came out to work generally can’t afford to buy the bags of luxury brands that can get rid of them. As it happens, it would be a bit awkward if happens to be in the middle of a formal event. Take this bag to say, like this half-moon handbag suitable for all kinds of formal occasions, generous and decent, completely won’t let you off the chain.

JOYDIVSION family bags can be said to be very literary style, very suitable for the occasional installation of forced, or like to walk the girl style.

“strong” the bag in their home has no pattern, is very simple and elegant, and looks very textured. The price is really cheap, and the vast majority of bags are less than $4, 000. Student Party may consider ~


Mini double shoulder bag primary color saddle bucket leather bag

Reference price: 329

Although it is said that the bag is only a big one, but it is really super cute! In other words, if you like to carry small bags as much as I do, then GET the benefits of it. It can barely hold a mobile phone, pressed powder, card bag, lipstick and other personal belongings.

The quality of is quite good. The leather of the bag is made of imported cowhide, which is very vintage and durable. And even the sutures on the bags are hand-stitched. The girl who likes the packet might as well consider it.


doughnut Donuts carrying bucket bag

Reference price: 289

Emmm…. As a matter of fact, people with a clear eye know that this bag is completely imitating the design of SIMONMILLER ‘s potted bag. So I struggled a long time before I recommended. In the end, I’d like to recommend it to you.

this mini bucket ring bag is really too cute, doughnut like ring handle is really girl feeling. Whether it’s shopping with your best friend or walking your dog at night, this bag will fit everything you need. As for capacity, things like cell phones, keys, pressed powder, lipstick can all fit.


Vegetable tanned wine, red, black, handmade leather, real leather, skewed across large buckets

Reference price: 529

If you think the bag I just introduced is not atmospheric enough, in fact, you might as well consider this bucket bag. For office workers, the volume of this bag is really real utility. You see, even the IPAD can fit in. What’s more, things like cosmetics are smaller.

I personally prefer the primary color of the bucket bag, can be more taste and highlight the texture of the bag. This bag can be said to win in terms of capacity, in addition to Paradise.

The AbbottVintage family’s bags are relatively teenage, and the price is relatively cheap. Basically, more than three hundred dollars can buy a good bag.

The style of this bag tends to be between girlish style and frigid style, which is very suitable for girls who like to take the line of light ladies.


“Milk Carton” Pink Kraft chain Xiao Fang bag handheld single shoulder bag Women’s bag

Reference price: 258

Pink for girls, is a kind of indescribable magic, but with this color of the single product, it is certain that they are the motherland’s small safflower. The style of milk cartons is very good, very suitable for the summer season.

this bag takes the square box as the shape, modelling is simple atmosphere. The opening and closing part of the bag uses a striking dark blue figure to add a little retro flavor to the whole bag. it can be either a handbag, an oblique span and a single shoulder. Just replace it with a short chain, or a long one.


“Mocha” New style trapezoidal handheld with single shoulder and slanting woman’s bag in spring and summer

Reference price: 258

You may think that mocha bags are not suitable for the summer, but you are really wrong. As a result of the “strong” cover part of the use of the design of lacquer leather, so a point more refreshing feeling, especially suitable for spring and summer days this kind of weather.

In addition, the combination of lacquer leather and matte leather makes the whole bag more textured. Whether in color or line are very retro elegant, the gold circle on the cover of the design can highlight more rectangular bag shape design, more lady and with a sense of age. capacity is quite large, matching clothes is also very good match, in short, is a hundred pieces of bag.

Alas, lost just came up to me and said, “Sister, what makes you think every bag you recommend is in this style?”

After a closer look, I found that the styles I recommended were quite similar. I don’t know what kind of bag will PICK after you read it? Let’s leave a message and tell you, BYE.

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