This brand beats Coach, but few people know it.


Coming to the third issue of the MK eight big cards, decided to cross the boundaries of the fashion circle inside the big brand-KateSpade. This is one of my favorite American brands. It’s not a luxury. It’s a light luxury. I like to buy their wallets, shell bags, killer bags, classic handbags, exquisite workmanship and durable wear and tear. Business trips, security checks, and the floor don’t hurt.

Most importantly, their iconic spades, wave points, stripes, colossal bows, geometric figures, super cute enough to melt my girl’s heart.

Well, when I shot this video, I compared Peng Ma leprosy, which was different from usual. Light spray ~

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Starting price: 1614 yuan


This is a handbag with a few letters of JUSTMARRIED on it. It is a must-have to show love and a good thing to buy at the wedding banquet! Also, I like it most is gold, gold bags, gold shoes are actually very good, wedding dress is absolutely good-looking, but also with black, but also with pink, but also with red, basic omnipotent. If it’s a daily dinner party, wear a long key point, take a gold handbag is completely hold to live in the scene!


Its metal fittings are not sloppy. All my metal fittings are 14k gold-plated. The only drawback is that it’s very easy to hook clothes, so in order to protect the clothes, I won’t hang on one shoulder like this, I will hold them all the time. If you’re buying something for the wedding, MK still recommends KateSpade ‘s Wedding series.

KateSpade rhombic bag

Starting price: about 1000 yuan


This bag, in fact, MK is not much back, mainly because I am relatively short, the bag belt is longer, I would be a little strange to use. The belt is also not modifiable because it is designed to link the chain to the PU belt, and the PU tape has no buckles or holes for me to adjust. So it lay quietly in my closet for a year.


In fact, I think I do not use this bag another reason, is that it is too soft, not the kind of straight texture, like a toy. I suggest that if you buy the classic KS, try to choose the cross, that material will be more durable, and look a little more high-end texture.

KateSpadeweddingbelles “sohappytogether” scarves

Starting price: 420 yuan


The color is very special, blue, not too many patterns, but there is a sentence. Most of the big names in the making of scarves, will certainly have their own logo printed over the whole scarf. I love KS stuff, they write sentences on the product, it knows what young people need. Young people like to use words as their own symbols. For example, when I go to my friend’s house to take a photo, I will spread out this scarf, which is like making a screen for my life.

KateSpadecleanstateidiombangle simple bracelet

Starting price: 301


I bought the most accessories from KS, because accessories are the cheapest compared to other items. This type of bracelet, in fact, most brands have similar, I buy it mainly because it is cheaper, and it can match a lot of clothes.

A bracelet like the COACH costs about 1000 yuan, a cheaper Forever21, but it doesn’t take long for small problems such as lacquer or loose buttons to appear in their home accessories, and the quality of the KS accessories is very high.

KateSpadetieduppavestuds Bowknot ear nail

Starting price: 301


This one is very cute, because I am not tall, wearing too many of those long earrings, or exaggerated earrings will be very cumbersome. So, some earrings like this I’ll get in a lot myself.


My favorite is its bow design, plus crystal embellishment, is not old, very good, do not want to match what clothes.

KateSpade bow earnail, ring

Starting price: forgot


KS really takes this element of a bow to the extreme. It can be a solid crystal like the one just now, or it can be this flat enamel, it can appear on accessories, it can appear on the chest, it can appear behind the back. Can also appear on the top of the hat. Match will be very young girl, and meter white and gold match, with a little retro style.


KateSpade meter white spade watch

Starting price: forgot


This watch is small, because my wrist is very small, because the skeleton is small, the meat is still quite large. I usually find it hard to buy the right watch. The surface is too big and I feel all kinds of inappropriate. KS this is particularly exquisite and particularly suitable, and the meter white ~ with just bow tie earpin, ring wear together, very good-looking.


Starting price: 88 yuan


Luggage brand, is a wave point, wave point is also a very important design element of KS. And the most designed thing is, it’s not black and white, these waves are vanilla, so the first time I got it, it was really delicate.

This luggage card is bought for fun because I often travel, my luggage is usually checked in, sometimes in the luggage turntable, there are several similar color boxes, you can hardly recognize yourself at a glance. So I would hang a sign there so that I could lock myself in with the naked eye and pick up my luggage quickly. But it turned out that the airline was so rude to the box that I just took it on a bad trip and it could get very dirty. The very delicate points of the waves also became dirty.

KateSpade Wave Point iPhone6 transparent Mobile phone case

Starting price: 255 yuan


This phone case is actually a little expensive, but it fits all my imagination about the phone case. Transparent and texture, with the background of rose gold super match! And its gold does have a metallic luster, unlike the ordinary phone case, which is a coating.

I don’t have a lot of KS on my hands, but I really like the design of their family. The person Sen is also like this acridine, spend a little thought more, reward oneself more, just can live more happily. May you be happy.



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