Still talking about Guan Xiaotong’s “earth”, she is now the first Chinese woman spokesperson of Cartridge, right?

Guan Xiaotong, a child star who was born in 1997, starred in her first film in 2001 and began her career. Not only has the child star made his debut, she is also a standard high achiever, and since last year announced the relationship with the “big star”, but also received great attention and controversy. Guan Xiaotong’s heat has not been reduced, but also caused the community to comment on its various aspects. Online search, there are always a lot of comments that Guan Xiaotong is “TuNiu”, to her various daily wear is mostly a criticism.

Perhaps, the more criticism can inspire people’s progress, while many people are still talking about Guan Xiaotong’s daily collocation. Guan Xiaotong has successfully signed with COACH (Cartridge) to become the first female spokesperson of COACH in China! In a group of advertising films, wearing COACH2018 autumn and winter series of Guan Xiaotong, feel from inside to outside are very suitable for her temperament. In the propaganda film, the overall modelling with the black leather clothing, collocation color block splice the bag, succinctly retro, but also does not lack the characteristic. This is another annotation to fashion in a candid manner.

Look at Guan Xiaotong become COACH spokesman after a group of fashion blockbuster, cool feeling, deductive modern New York style.

COACH to Guan Xiaotong style grasp is very accurate, this modelling, a light brown printed dress, the coat vest with the same color, small black boots. Simple collocation style, with a coat of willow decoration, small black boots of the white cartoon pattern, simple with some style. Guan Xiaotong’s figure has been her advantage, a pair of slender legs particularly eye-catching and charming.

Holding the same style of handbag, put up a very modeling style. In many previous modeling, Guan Xiaotong usually walked the sweet teenage style; and this time a big ad, cool girls with a bit of fashion light maturity, showing a unique style. This is a new attempt and breakthrough, feel this new shape is very suitable for her.

Look back at the previous several sweet princess style styling, whether it is to attend the event of the dress, or the daily match, each time there has been progress. In Weibo movie night, a shallow pink sling skirt, show elegance and sweetness, show the proper temperament on the stage.

In daily life, simple and casual style, without too much decoration, this is a 21-year-old girl should be the character.

Some people say Guan Xiaotong “TuNiu” is not fashionable, but she has become the fashion spokesman, perhaps this is the quality of high achiever’s application-continuous learning and progress. Still say Guan Xiaotong is not fashionable, is not a bit out of date!

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