Popular science! your mother loves COACH, and Tang Yan loves COACH, is not the same oh

The most popular thing in fashion circles these days is New York Fashion week, but without the Beckhams on the platform,

There are not so many universe bloggers, fashion celebrities to fight for the layout of the demon, this fashion week is so boring oh.

As soon as he wanted to make a complaint from his circle of friends, he was severely slapped on the face. Why? the little friends seemed to have made an appointment, they were all brushing the Coach press conference! there was a fan sister of Li Yi-feng, a flamboyant, and a small editor who stayed up late to catch up on the manuscript. The most important thing was that, Of course, he is an old friend of the Coach family, Tang Yan!

In plain breast, Tang Yan this modelling is still quite fashionable, quite good-looking, baseball shirt, metal color, retro broken flowers, this season the most popular elements of the In almost all. In addition, Tang Yan himself and Yan Tiaoshun, others easy to wear into a village girl’s vintage flower dress put on a sense of youth, even the fashion Bible COSMO have to copy notes to learn it!

In addition to wearing Coach every year to attend fashion week, Tang Yan’s street photography can always be found Coach single items, such as the following CoachX Disney limited handbag, is not quite cute?

“God, I think my mother’s favorite brand cute!?” if your first feeling is like this, then please do not feel ashamed, because your mother loves COACH, and Tang Yan love COACH, is not the same Oh.

Coach image in your eyes

Your old impression of Coach should come from these rotten streets, canvas mainly, the whole body is Logo’s shopping bag, in fact, people are only Coachoutlets line;

And these rich sense of design, good leather, can not find Logo, Tang Yan often wear the single item, belong to another line of Coach fullprice (the so-called positive price).

All of these differences are visible to the naked eye, and the other difference you can’t see is the sales channel. A chestnut, for example, when you open Coach’s website, you can’t find the money that makes you want to blow up the screen.

Similarly, you go to Coach’s OUTLETS or search the factory store website, while you’re fighting with your aunt.

I can’t get these Tang Yan’s discount.

And it’s them that really show off Coach’s brand culture, so New York Fashion week shows them!

Now, let’s sum up the differences:

Fullprice line consumers focus on the practicality and quality of handbags, the pursuit of the real middle class can afford to buy light luxury, weakening the logo, mainly in the United States and Japan (you);

Outlets line of consumers pay more attention to cost-effective, the pursuit of brand logo, logo to highlight, mainly to the Chinese (your mother).

these styles are stylish and inexpensive

After making clear the difference between the two, the most eager to know, of course, Coach also out of what fashionable items ah, after all, compared to the old European luxury goods, the price of Coach is really cute too much!

ROUGH is perfect for OL commuter back, Size just can put down all kinds of sundries, the workmanship is very fine, even the lining is suede, the only disadvantage may be heavier, US $795.

If you like the quirky style, the span > VARSITYpatchesturnlockpouch is also recommended. It’s a cute little dinosaur with $250. com.

Is this pair of shoes very similar to McQueen’s popular little white shoes? Cherry blossoms with white girls, made of Coach’s usual full-leather, are priced at $190.

“imgsrc=” http://p3.pstatp.com/large/ddd00042724d1e232fb”> ready-to-wear line of words personal feeling no accessories to buy, baseball shirt is very popular, but the United States Open for $795, still a bit of pain when chopping hands.

All right, science’s over. I’m gonna sit back and wait for the show by another old friend of the Chinese people, MichaelKors, tomorrow.

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