“pay attention to” JingDong “Global purchase” the top ten Cartridge bags are all fake, have you been shot?

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Coach, MK, Furla, Rayburn glasses, Armani watch. The price of these authentic goods amounts to several thousand yuan, but on JingDong’s global shopping platform, consumers can buy their favorite goods from many merchants as long as they only need to spend more than 1,000 yuan.

You will certainly think that “JingDong” is really a big platform, the price is competitive.

However, in a recent crackdown on counterfeiting, police in Chongqing and Guangdong have found that JingDong’s global shopping platform has sold large quantities of counterfeit luxury goods.

These “good and cheap” luxury goods, almost all of the purchase price of only 100 yuan or so of counterfeit goods, each sell a illegal business can get more than ten times the profits.

At the same time, police investigations show that JingDong’s global purchase of COACH brand goods in January 2017, the top 10 are from the investigation of the sale of fake shelters.

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fake shelter house

On April 19, Guangzhou police in a villa in the southwest of Guangzhou, arrested JingDong’s global purchase of “zakashi luxury global shopping shop” and other shops Geng and other three people. At the time of the arrest, the suspect was checking the order for delivery.

Police in the investigation found that its business watch into the price of more than 100 yuan, a few tens of dollars. According to site staff estimates, this investigation and other brands of counterfeit goods such as Cartridge at least 500, 600 goods, the amount of more than 2 million yuan.

In March 2017, after receiving a report from the masses, after more than a month’s investigation, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau investigated and dealt with the fake premises of the “Volkswagen International overseas exclusive Store,” and seized more than 2000 fake samples of COACH and ToryBurch, involving a sum of more than 2 million yuan.

These sales patterns are basically the same:

Criminal suspects through the purchase or lease of a villa as a warehouse and office location, in JingDong global purchase, shop No. 1 and other platforms to open a number of stores, the division of labor is clear, customer service, warehouse management, art, logistics everything. At the same time, customer service personnel in sales, will ensure that the goods are all genuine overseas procurement, bonded area delivery, can go to the store to compare the inspection.

However, anti-counterfeiting volunteers said that counter inspection is a routine they sell because counters do not provide inspection services at all.

If consumers want to test the authenticity, can only be sent to the brand headquarters, but the brand side generally do not accept consumer personal inspection. In addition, the inspection procedures are so complicated that consumers are not willing to do so at all. Customer service is the basic routine, the purpose of is to win the trust of consumers .

After the consumer orders, they will print the overseas purchase ticket through the special small ticket printer, and prepare the corresponding COACH brand label, cloth bag and so on to carry on the secondary packing. The courier bill also prints the fake shipping address of the “bonded area”.

Global purchase Survey: registrable, Brush order

The police investigated and dealt with the “blue mark”, “Zakashi” and other shops, neither obtained the corresponding authorization, nor did they really deliver goods in the bonded area. How do they register?

In the QQ group and 58.com search “JingDong global purchase”, “join”, can show many businesses. And the vast majority of agents said that even if they want to be based in JingDong’s global business qualifications are not enough, as long as the money can still help handle the “through-train” entry service.

An agent revealed that they have docked and cooperated with JingDong’s investment promotion department, and as long as 20,000 yuan or so can help businesses to enter the global purchase platform in JingDong, even if the qualification conditions are not enough, do not worry.

Even if overseas-registered companies become more demanding, they can help find companies from Hong Kong that have been operating for many years and satisfy JingDong’s global acquisition of resident qualifications, each of which costs about 30,000 yuan. In addition, such as product testing reports and other content can help consumers, 500 yuan a copy.

Once in, the merchants have a set of their own fake sales process. Open a number of shops, a clear division of labor, customer service, warehouse management, art, logistics.

In addition, help agents stationed in the business can also help shops brush orders, 10 yuan a single.

fake owner: 450RMB fake bag sold by JingDong 4000

Where do these counterfeit commodities purchased by JingDong come from?

During the raid, many carton logistics documents filled with counterfeit luxury goods bags showed that the goods were shipped from the thick Street area of Dongguan.

In a secret interview, the fake owner said that most of the package of fake prices are between 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan, as long as given a style, any brand can do.

“our goods are sent to many parts of the country. There are stores, micromerchants, and online stores, all of which are taken from us.” One of the owners pointed to a 450yuan MK brand women’s bag, said, “like this bag, JingDong opened a store to take, can sell more than 4000.”

In addition to cheap, almost fake, many bosses have said they can provide invoices, customs bills and other bills for overseas shopping. Invoice and shopping list usually 8 yuan a copy, customs declaration 10 yuan a copy.

Why is it so rampant to buy and sell fake overseas?

Why are there so many fakes abroad?

Zhang, who once operated a sea shop, said that the reason why the overseas purchase of fake goods, mainly because of the platform regulatory audit, so that a lot of false information passed the audit, so that many illegal businesses can open shop on the platform.

Another reason is that the information is asymmetric, “people who are really familiar with foreign countries and who often go abroad will generally not buy them on this platform. Most people who shop overseas on the Internet have never left the country and do not understand the situation abroad.” Give him a fake invoice, fake logistics, he also can not see, “ Ms. Zhang said.

(strong) how do consumers defend their rights?

With regard to the problem of selling fake goods on overseas shopping platforms such as JingDong’s global purchase, lawyers said that consumers who have doubts about the authenticity of the goods they buy, need to keep the relevant purchase voucher such as issue order record, page screenshot of merchant commodity publication and payment voucher , so as to keep necessary evidence for future rights protection.

generally include:


claim from dealer,

complaint to Industry and Commerce and quality Supervision,

sue dealer in court

Either way, however, will be required to produce a certificate of counterfeit goods. For high imitation fake goods, if there is no brand right owner’s cooperation, it is difficult from the legal point of view to fix the proof of victory. At present, most well-known brands do not issue individual consumer counterfeit written proof.

lawyer: the platform should ensure that the information of the resident merchant is accurate and complete

Zhou Gang, deputy secretary-general of the China Society for Consumer Rights and Protection Studies and secretary general of the Consumer Rights and interests Protection Division of the Beijing Shi Law firm, also said that the lack of strict supervision is the main reason for the frequent occurrence of counterfeit goods in cross-border e-commerce.

The Internet is not an extraterritorial area, and article 44 of the new Law provides that:


Consumers who purchase goods or receive services through online trading platforms whose legitimate rights and interests are infringed may seek compensation from the sellers or service providers. If the provider of the online trading platform cannot provide the true name, address and effective contact information of the seller or server, the consumer may also claim compensation from the provider of the online trading platform; Where a provider of an online trading platform makes a promise that is more favourable to consumers, it shall fulfil the promise. After the network trading platform provider compensates, has the right to recover from the seller or the service person.

If the provider of a network trading platform knowingly or ought to know that the seller or server uses its platform to infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and fails to take necessary measures, he or she shall bear joint and several liability with the seller or server in accordance with the law.

For a long time, JingDong’s performance in product quality has been criticized. As soon as this incident came out, some netizens lamented that JingDong could only buy high quality fake goods.

Even though JingDong said last night that payments had been frozen and stores were removed from shops and waited for the final results of the police investigation, long-term platform management omissions and fakes really hurt consumers.

Here, the famous city gentleman also reminded everyone, careful choice sea Amoy, achieve clear consumption, protect their legitimate rights and interests!

Comprehensive arrangement of famous city Suzhou

Source: Beijing time, Chongqing Morning Post, China Youth Network

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