LV, COACH. The bag you bought in America may be fake!

On the morning of 16 August, a large number of investigators raided the law enforcement forces in New York and other places, arresting 33 Chinese nationals who were involved in large quantities of illegal smuggling of counterfeit nameplates. They are suspected of smuggling, transporting counterfeit goods and then selling them to the outside world through some regular shops. Law enforcement officials estimate that the fake goods would be worth more than $450 million if they were sold at genuine prices.

Of the 33 Chinese indicted, 32 were Chinese Americans and one was illegally detained.

They are suspected of transporting large quantities of counterfeit luxury products from China and smuggling them into the United States for illegal sale. The fake brands involved include Louis Vuitton, ToryBurch handbags, Herm รจ s belts, Chanel perfumes and MichaelKors purses. Prosecutors estimate that if the fake goods are sold at genuine prices, the amount will exceed $450 million.

Law enforcement officials have expressed concern about the seizure of counterfeit Chanel perfume, which had been detected in animal urine in similar commodities previously seized.

This is a typical family business, according to ABC television in the United States.

Arrested smuggling gang

The whole smuggling gang division of labor is clear, including entry, distribution, domestic transportation three links, and in the process of committing the crime, some defendants are also involved in money laundering, the illegal behavior of the application for immigration benefits and so on. On 16 August, they were charged with felony crimes such as conspiracy to smuggle, transport counterfeit goods, money-laundering, immigration fraud and illegal naturalization.

Currently, the federal government also controls nine of their properties in Queens, Brooklyn and Stanton Island, worth $12 million (82.48 million yuan).

Federal Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Donohue, pointed out that the defendant fabricated various scams to smuggle a large number of counterfeit luxury goods from China to the United States for profit by selling counterfeit goods. He pointed out that the Eastern District Federal Prosecutor’s Office will always cooperate with the Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), the Department of Homeland Security (HSI), the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and other departments to protect the intellectual property rights that maintain the freedom and fairness of the international trade market from infringement.

Investigators say the case is by far the most valuable fake smuggling case ever seized in New York. Of the 22 containers involved, 20 were smuggled into the United States from New York and New Jersey and two from Los Angeles. All the goods are spread out and can be filled with several football fields.

Seized smuggled goods

Investigators say they are mainly responsible for the fake supply chain, not distributors.

Angel Mellandes is the main person in charge of the case. He said that there are two main ways of smuggling by the gang.

The first, they contacted fake manufacturers in China and shipped them to the United States through as many as eight legal shipping companies. For the sake of obscurity, the fake goods are labeled with the name, address, and false description of the import company. Smugglers also use false and incomplete information to obtain virtual computer numbers and email to hide their true identities. The fakes were then shipped to Queens, Brooklyn and long Island in New York, where they were distributed to dealers.

In the second category, smugglers travel to China to buy related copycat products. these imitations are legally imported to the United States because they are not branded. Members of the group searched for another Chinese factory to build brand names and then smuggled them to the United States and put them on the label.

Mercedes noted that three retail stores in Queens and Manhattan had closed down for fraud. These shops are all legally-operated regular stores.

Just last month, July 6, US customs officers seized $42.9 million worth of Chinese counterfeit goods in Texas, including 79, 000 counterfeit goods, including popular sports brands such as Adidas,CK and Nike Nike,UnderArmor. And a lot of fake luxury goods.

In June last year, police in Clarksville, Tennessee, brought down a counterfeit and selling ring in the United States, with three Chinese as the main culprits. Police searched four shelters and seized counterfeit goods worth more than US $1.5 million. Nike, Puma sports shoes, each major brand handbags have everything.

On November 8, last year, Chinese and US police jointly successfully cracked a huge transnational network sale case, arrested 36 criminal gangs, destroyed 7 fake shops, and seized more than 3000 pieces of bags, watches and other well-known brands. The accumulative total amount of sales is over 100 million yuan.

The case also dates back to June 2015, when LV brand owners discovered the sale of counterfeits by PursesValley, an independent website. According to the early clues feedback, Guangzhou police immediately launched a case investigation work.

The PursesValley independent selling fake website builds the server in the foreign country, sells the counterfeit luxury brand luggage, the jewelry and so on to the overseas “knowing the fake buys the fake” the consumer.

According to a police investigation, the independent website, which registered in March 2013 and is based in the United States, specializes in selling counterfeit products from Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Cartier and other brands, while relying on overseas social platforms to guide the flow. Accept overseas fake demand orders.

The website is sold to people in Europe and the United States, knowing that the goods purchased are fakes, but they are also known to buy fake goods.

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@ I’m a little Feifei: luckily I can only afford to buy a dish bag, meat bag, Steamed Bun Stuffed with Red Bean Paste

Prince: what about the legendary OUTLETS? From the source? Official inability to identify authenticity is one of the reasons

[strong > @ fat mom: in fact, the level of imitation is quite high. Why not set up your own brand? Must pursue famous brand?

@ Lightning: fortunately, I can’t even afford it. I’m scared to death

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