Light luxury bags: pick Coach these good-looking, fashionable, back 10 years are not out of date bag style

Fairies want to get started light luxury bags, must not miss the Coach, the quality and price of the brand.

Next, I want to start the recommended bag, even after 10 years to take it out, still when the beautiful. Of course, I just recommend the bag style. In fact, each style has a lot of colors and choices.


this series many good-looking bags, can not help but two.

2.Coach Killer Pack

3.Coach vagrant package

I can’t help but take two pictures, because the bag looks as good as it looks at first, and its upper body is so beautiful. Stray package is chanel first out in recent years, and then the various brands follow the trend.

4. Coach Tote package

Although it looks ordinary, it is better than can be fitted. is the same as LV ‘s neverfull package. can’t buy a neverfull, and buy a coach.

5. Coach camera package

Although the picture looks like a bag, in fact, the camera bag has always been a competition among the major brands. interested fairies can refer to Gucci’s camera pack upper body effects.

6. Coach version of leboy

This bag is similar to the chanel classic leboy, but the coach home is resistant to wear and exercise. chanel’s leboy casually grind off a piece of skin, use it to death.

7.Coach version of LVspeedy

Look at the LV home of the same speedy sold for so many years, is still regarded as the LV starter package, you know how classic Boston bag. Coach, which is quite unique, is the part of the belt that reminds me of celine’s single bucket bag.



10. Shell bag

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