Less than 1000 yuan for a Coach bag? Why can some people buy a low price Cochi bag?

Prior to the small Maru published in the United Kingdom Bonley website an article “super good to use!” “Coach, MK and other brands of universal package recommendations,” the article mentioned a detail: “often heard how cheap xxx to buy Coach, if you can ensure that this product is not fake, there is only one explanation, from the Coachfactory.” Did not expect to write a mention, many friends come to consult details and history.

At the same time, in the memory of small pills, this problem has also been explained to friends in China several times, presumably someone really doubts about this. Let’s just talk about why some people can buy low-priced Coach? Why large British department stores, such as Selfridges and Harrods, do not have this (relatively) cheap Coach for sale.

Coach Factory Store and Coach

According to the common sense of the word, the factory store is a brand to sell the end of the platform, there are generally physical stores or online store two (some brands do not have the latter). That’s why prices as low as 66% discount are common, after all, sales are not in the current quarter. But essentially, they sell the same goods, just in different places and at different prices.

But Coach Factory Store (CoachFactory) and Coach are two different things. To put it simply, the Coach store doesn’t sell the last items that Coach can’t sell, and the Coach factory store never shows up in the Coach store. Why? because the Coach factory store and the Coach are two different lines, completely different designs.

In other words, go to the flagship store in the department store with the goods from the factory store, and the sales lady will tell you with a smile: “Sorry, this one is off the shelf.” However, taking the goods from the Coach factory store to Coach’s flagship store, the sales lady will still smile, but slightly embarrassed to say: “Sorry, we do not sell this model.”

That’s why many people can buy a Coach bag at a relatively low price.

Ha, can tell you the truth, in fact, the small Maru also did not find the official explanation of the above problem, but in the Internet a lot of English materials on the search for a lot of come. For example, this article, Coachvs.CoachFactoryStoreOutlet, and this article, DifferencesBetweenCoachandFactoryCoach, explains the problem graphically. It seems that it is not only us, many foreign friends are also understanding ah, therefore, there is no fuss, power is the special strategy of the Coach brand.

Coach Factory Store vsCoach

1. sales time

Anytime, wants to buy anything on Coach’s website, as long as that item is in stock. The Coach factory store, only when the opening can buy, not want to buy immediately, usually once a week or two, the duration of a few days. Always think this is a strategy, a little hungry marketing meaning.

2. Design and workmanship

The skin thick ground says, the small meatball has the right to speak properly! Before coming to the UK, he bought a lot of goods for his family and friends from factories in the United States (by the way, the goods from Coach factory stores were only sent to regular American residential addresses, the forwarding companies cut down all orders, and they could only get help from friends who were studying in the United States). So little Maru is actually touching the Coach factory store goods. But for design and workmanship, especially workmanship! It’s really not a good impression.

Let’s start with the design, which is no match for the meticulous nature of the Coach store. Although there are a few things worth starting with at each new launch, they quickly run out, a little hesitant, usually when a relative or friend thinks about whether to get started, Duang! No!

As for the workmanship, it is exactly the same as taking chances. Sometimes the workmanship is not bad, and sometimes the workmanship really suspects that it is a fake. From the car line, the stretch of the leather, the suture of the zipper, the symmetry of the pattern to the present day, there are still a few photos sent back by a friend of the United States. It’s not black, ah. It’s amazing that this is the product of a big brand.

The only recommended items are wallets and belts, both of which will be of better overall quality. The impression of belts and wallets is less likely to return, and women’s handbags (only bought a man’s handbag) according to the vision of small pills, more than half of the return.

But frankly, because those years were Coach’s hottest years, relatives and friends in China would feel, “Ah, if you buy ‘Coach’ with such a cheap skill, it’s a bit flawed,” so the actual return rate is only 1 / 3. However, the interesting thing is that the domestic CoachFactory sold goods, the quality of goods far better than the United States, ah, puzzling ah can only use a price to explain the goods.

Now I think maybe it is the quality problem of the Coach factory store that has made the reputation of the whole Coach brand after several years of upsurge in the Chinese market, instantly became a pseudo-luxury on the street, but instead the meticulous MK instant surpassing. Trotting all the way ahead. Otherwise, it will not push for a major reform of the Coach, starting with changing designers, stabilizing prices and raising the route.

Now, the reform of Coach is quite effective, especially the bag of the Coach price shop, more and more good-looking, more and more grades, especially in autumn and winter. Many people have also reconsidered the Coach’s positive package, and the Coach fad is back. As for the Coach factory store in the past two years, the small Maru has not bought after the UK, I hope to have this experience of friends come out to tell you.

3. Price

Take a woman’s bag as an example, say simply the price difference between the two. New items for women’s handbags in factory stores range from $150 to $250, and the better-looking ones probably cost more than $200. This price is usually a third or more of the Coach price, let alone a comparison with the new Coach.

So it’s not impossible to hear who said she bought a “Coach bag” for just over 1000 yuan. But it’s almost certainly not going to be the new Coach of the season, or even the Coach in a narrow sense.

4. how to distinguish the two

Some people say that there is a certain reason to look at the trademark, ah, the number of goods, ah, but with his personal experience, he feels that this is not enough. This is easy to tell because the number of goods in the main price shop is a number. And the factory store and Outlet numbers seem to have an “F” in front of them, making it hard to tell whether the factory store or the real Outlet (or the two are the same, just different names). ), it’s hard to judge.

However, compared with friends in the UK, it is a bit easier. Basically, the Coach products in large department stores are not from factory stores. Of course, friends in China can start by direct mail when the price is appropriate, which is much cheaper than the domestic counter price. And generally do not have to worry about quality issues, Coach positive prices of goods do not say, especially this year’s products, is really praise.

In a word, if we hear who says how cheap Coach is, we must keep an extra heart. There is a big difference between CoachFactory and Coach itself, which can be seen at a glance by regular shoppers. Moreover, the value of CoachFactory is not worth buying, depending largely on the focus of demand for light luxury goods.

If the demand is for a brand, perhaps CoachFactory, which is not much different on Logo, can indeed be partially equated with the Coach brand. However, the value of product quality friends, suggest more consideration of the Coach price store products, both the style and workmanship are definitely higher than the factory store’s goods several file, the price is several times right. Well, the basic above is the individual understanding of this issue, if there is something wrong or not comprehensive, you are welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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