Coach puts 2019 early autumn show in Shanghai as a gift for the brand’s entry into China 15

According to WWD and other media sources, Coach has confirmed that it will hold 2019 early autumn show in Shanghai on 12 8 Day this year, and according to Coach CEOJoshuaSchulman, this is the first time that Coach has held a combined show of men’s and women’s clothing in a city outside New York . The theme of the show will be “CoachLightsUpShanghai”, which is also a celebration of the brand’s official entry into China 15 anniversary of a gift.

In addition to the regular series, there will also be a special China series on the show, which comes from Coach creative director StuartVevers and “some important cultural figures in China” to create . There will be products including ready-to-wear, sneakers and accessories . The whole show will be full of Chinese elements, and after the show part, the afterparty will be put on the Bund , think about the effect, and really will continue to echo the theme of the show.

Coach also hopes to have a closer relationship with the Chinese market through this big show, but the Coach family is not the only one trying to grasp the Chinese market. Last year’s CHANEL show in Chengdu, Victoria’s secret in Shanghai and so on, also earned enough attention. But this year, There are several big shows in Shanghai since November month November month 21 Day and 11 month 22 Day Shanghai has Dolce& respectively Amp;Gabbana and MiuMiu , the same high specification, in addition to the brand’s own new line of clothing performance, can be expected to be a variety of Chinese elements, behind the stage, as well as star red carpet performance and other topics will start.

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