Cartridge’s acquisition of KateSpade,MK is no longer a luxury business

Fan Lord said: agreed to play together, how you two together?

(for business, please indicate.)

It was not long ago that Coach and MichaelKors, were both interested in buying KateSpade.

In recent days, the dust has finally settled, when Coach, with half of his own cash and half of his new debt, K. O. Michael Kors, won the “Little Sisters” KateSpade~ for $2.4 billion.

This price is only 60% of KateSpade ‘s expected price. Fan felt that Coach did make a good deal this time, and that PK, the American luxury giant, would be changed to 2V1 from now on.

No wonder, after all, Coach has changed in style in recent years, getting younger and more good-looking, and ambitious, and the acquisition of StuartWeitzman, in early 2015 and then the Gigi partnership became too hot.

In addition, StuartWeitzman ‘s classic shoes look good to wear, has long become a star to vegetarian people must enter, indeed to the company made a lot of money, so Coach is now a “loser back” trend, but also rumors to buy JimmyChoo, and even Burberry.

Although the Burberry “cold rejection”, but also revealed that Coach wants to be bigger, and even want to become the American version of the LVMH Group’s “mind.”

However, many people are still not optimistic, some netizens complain: “think that either simple, or extravagant, light luxury and real luxury is not the same level, but not enough money to support the product.”

However, we also have to admit that the price of “light luxury” is indeed cute, that is, the existence is reasonable. Compared with the tens of thousands of big-name handbags that are often used, it is the ordinary people who need them to buy a bag that can be used at an affordable price. So, Lord Fan is going to talk today about the love and hate of the Big three in the United States.

how did “light extravagance” get spoiled?! !

Now there are more and more niche brands with a sense of design in the world. They have crowded into the army of “light luxury”, and a certain treasure selling hundreds of pieces of clothes also clamors that they are “light extravagant.” Even watching a video for a dozen dollars a month to advertise “light luxury life” (Fan can say anything else, you are happy) ~

In the past, light luxury brands “casually” made money

However, a long time ago, people were still quite infatuated with “light luxury”. As the difference between China and foreign countries was huge, we must “sweep” several bags to the United States, otherwise we would feel a great loss. Outlets is always in long queues, and Chinese tourists “pick up and drop their knives”. Ten, eight.

Coach, “Granny logo with khaki”:

At that time, people felt that everything in the United States was tall and tall, especially a business like Coach, which always opened next door to big names, creating a feeling of big names.

But the low price style guarantees (the old) keeps (the earth) the factory line product, has been pursued by the Chinese aunt, filled the logo printing to fill the yearning for the big name heart.

MichaelKors always learns from other people’s “country celebrities”:

Then I do not know when, MichaelKors also “overnight fire,” although many Chinese can not pronounce their full name, MK is also printed in everyone’s mind.

The same routine, not a bit hard to play, khaki full of logo, moment hypnotic consumers, but this is like LV, Gucci Oh.

However, the MK’s “fierce” place is constantly to (copy) respect (attack), similar to the style, for a logo, price to remove a zero.

And also an “integrated store”, each big brand of popular fashion, you can find similar in MK, if said that the high street Zara also copied the big brand, but the price of others more conscience ah.

“the art industry has a specialty,” Gao Street mainly copied clothing, MK on “specializing in” bags, from the past to now, basically each bag is a different family shadow, simply countless, too numerous (to use the teacher’s life-long vocabulary & # 8230;).

In any case, the MK copy was blatant, but it worked so well that even the SELMASTUD, which took most of China’s streets later, “copied” the ValentinoROCKSTUD series (“tact” moved the rivets to the top).

Not only copy big brand, even rival popular style also copy, if say each brand thrifty inspiration is very normal, but the reference of MK really can only use a hair to describe.

“Little cousin” of KateSpade teenage girls:

Unlike Coach’s “Aunt Wind” and MK’s “Township Yuan”, the painting style was much fresher when KateSpade entered the Chinese market, and the little peach heart logo properly hit the girls’ hearts (& # x 60;).

Colorful colors and sprouting designs always make people feel like they can be used in minutes to transform themselves into America’s sweetheart.

Some people say, however, that katespade just came into the store to look good, but it is very difficult to pick a piece to buy, looking a bit like MIUMIU ‘s “country cousin” & # 8230;

Nowadays: if you want to circle money, you have to move your head

With the improvement of Chinese aesthetics and the growth of consumption power, it is not so easy for light luxury brands to make money (see more, it is not easy to cheat).

Coach reinvents himself as a child:

So over the years, Coach is getting rid of aunt’s “baggage”, painting style mutation, become more and more young and interesting. Especially the new high-end series coach1941, show is also a bunch of evil.

There are a number of innovative styles, including a cartoon print doctor’s bag, a mini zero wallet, and a quirky little dinosaur. Fan was in New York before the release of the new product, is really surprised by the new painting style.

Clothing also a change in the previous style, followed the average person hold can not live in the trendy line, so that aunt dare not touch (smiling face).

Blockbusters are also textured, interesting and stylish.

The new product has turned over, the price has also dawdled up, Coach1941 ‘s new bag has also added rare leather, a single popular style has broken 10, 000, the price of the two in China’s official website has soared to 13 and 15 and #8230;

MichaelKors hugs stars and shovels:

Instead of Coach changing himself, MichaelKors took another path, discovered the big cake of China’s “New World” and felt angry.

Anyway, MK in the domestic fire, but also because of Gao Yuanyuan with the “low version” Princess bag, so the star became MK’s push routine.

Yang mi is now the most bullish of course, as a brand friend, a few days ago METGALA also “bought tickets”, but also let Morsen remember this “sushi skirt” & # 8230;

And yang mi is also very dedicated to pushing goods, Mercer this bag can be sold so well in the country, is basically the back of yang mi with rope life & # 8230;

In addition to yang mi’s thigh, MK also hugged the legs of many other Chinese stars, such as Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun’s treasure.

Existence feeling to brush every day, nothing to find a few stars to open the party, always rely on the flow of goods ~

In short, the stars of MK, like plagiarized products, are numerous and innumerable (again using life-long vocabulary).

KateSpade is expected to become more popular:

And the main consumption of KateSpade is still in the United States. Neither the reputation nor store space in China is comparable to that of Coach and MichaelKors. Although many products are both teenage and interesting, they are not very popular.

However, being acquired by Coach now, it should open stores in China, China’s market size, but the old Americans are very clear ~

Coach has also stated that it will maintain the brand style of KateSpade in the future and make full use of its potential energy.

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Fan Lord said that the first, light luxury brand “routine” play deeper, there is no hand in the design and technology is the key to long-term survival, but also to catch up with the real big name of the soul elements ~

At the same time, expect light luxury brand more conscience, more and more good-looking, because the price is really cute ~

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