Cartridge said goodbye to Grandma, these chains wrapped in buckets, let me hold on to my wallet!

Did the babies get dressed these two days?

It’s cold. Be careful!

Because of the recent bag poison!

So for everyone to push a few COACH bags!

rivet sheepskin chain pack

Official website selling price 5950

This is also the new coach yo: PARKER sheepskin chain bag. white fried chicken temperament gentle! Black style is very good! bag weight is very light ~ but the normal capacity out of the street is appropriate! because it is sheepskin, so feel particularly comfortable ~ but also will be more delicate yo, when used to be a bit more gentle before it can do it.

Crystal Decoration chain Pack

Official website selling price 6500

It’s still black! But this bag has a lot of crystal decoration yo ~ or star design! Equipped with the iconic Coach style of the classic logo spin lock, but also decorated with a shiny ArtDeco style crystal Jing cold, but also secretly left a girl’s heart ah ~ light texture ~ out of the street comfortable ~ will not have a heavy feeling.

Colour chain Pack

Official website selling price 5450

This PARKER series of collision bags! Bronze chain milk purple pink plum purple pink. there is no sense of disharmony at all! The bronze color lets the person get to some retro feeling, but the young girl’s purple powder, the small mature but also has a trace of witty! Call! Wobble shape with must-have!

COACH DREAMER series, there are a lot of handbags. because this bag is the designer SturtVevers heart! So this is COACH’s main hit series! But each bag color or some details will be different yo ~ DREAMER also have size yo: DREAMER21 (smaller). DREAMER (standard). DREAMER36 (larger).


Official website selling price 3950

This is coach’s new yo in three colors: metal ivy (top), metal berry (bottom), platinum, of course! According to the old rules, Xiaobian only tells you two Amway models of his heart water. this one is made of wrinkled leather with bright metallic gloss, although it is a small 21 handbag. But also equipped with three layers! Full enough hee ~ like small handbags of the baby must not miss the Cartridge 21 yo! Small and practical


Official website selling price 9950

This size is the Cartridge 34 handbag ~ details have been decorated with tassels. the whole looks somewhat random. Very comfortable. can get out of the street to work can also see parents yo ha. than the dreamer is also somewhat different ~ more square. but the elephant like this model! So also recommend to everybody yo ~


Official website selling price 7500

This bag is 36! More than the above model to the yo ~ capacity is also appropriate! This detail processing is side rivets modified ~ winter collocation coat, is really awesome! It’s going to be a super-textured outfit! In addition, this model also has the DREAMER size yo, the official website sells for 6250 yuan ~

Printing bucket bag

Official website selling price 3950

This is the PRATIL series bucket bag! The first one is a milky white party piglet stamp, the second one is a black owl print, the third one is a fruit paste party mouse stamp.

Size and normal bucket bag a size yo ~ compact practical! The color match is just right ~ design comes from the past Coach single product ~ package body has the elegant top handle and the convenient oblique slung shoulder strap yo ~ small weave favorite fruit pulp color! But it’s a rat party! So he held back his hands, hhh..

classic logo canvas bucket bag

Official website selling price 3500

This model is the same as the above ~ bucket bag ~ but not the same is that the use of the coach classic logo yo ~ appears intellectual generous but also gentle with modern elements ~ heart water!

Crystal Decoration chain hand bag

Official website selling price 3500

This bag is smaller than the ones above. It’s a little bigger than the normal long wallet, but it’s very delicate to look at! Whether it’s cool in summer or a fluffy sweater in autumn and winter, it’s a perfect hold to be a nice girl!

Cypress large handbag

Official website selling price 3500

More leisure, love large capacity of bb people look here! MARKET handbag, a real supermarket bag, hhh~MARKET handbag since the early 1960s, is an iconic Coach handbag. There’s a variety of uses ~ this is made of polished leather and the color is dark green ~ is not too monotonous, that’s to say, it’s going to be used again.

Today’s push about the Cartridge bag

That’s it!

I hope the bb is warm in winter

A delicate bag on the back

Go see your heart!

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